Our combination of high quality data, sound science and market-leading frameworks and technology will help you get the most out of what you spend on your people.

  • The most comprehensive global database on pay and reward
  • Sound science and tried-and-tested work measurement methods
  • Self-service tools and powerful analytics


Pay and reward can be one of your organization’s biggest expenses – upwards of 70% of total spend*. But it has the greatest opportunity to attract and engage top talent, so it’s vital that you get it right.

Our market-leading data, tools and insights can help you pay the right amount, to the right people, at the right level. So you can attract, engage and keep the best – while getting the most from your budget.

Paying your people at the right level is only one piece of the puzzle. To really get results, you need to look at the bigger picture.

  • Is your pay equitable and competitive?
    Analyze how your salaries compare with your peers’, and present your results in a clear and impactful way.
  • How does your organization’s structure stack up to your competition?
    See how and where you distribute your pay compared to the competition. So you can uncover opportunities for efficiency.
  • Do you know if your people value their reward package?
    Spot any gaps between the perception of pay and the reality – and take steps to close them.

We can even link all these elements to the results of your employee engagement survey. That way, you won’t just know what you pay, where you pay it and what people think of reward. You’ll also see how these factors conspire to make people more engaged – and more likely to go the extra mile. And you’ll have a formula you can copy across the organization.