The Korn Ferry Assessment Solution allows you to take an integrated approach to recruiting and managing the right talent for your business.

  • Define what success looks like in a role
  • Tailor our assessments to identify people who fit your criteria
  • Access and personalize our market-leading content library


We all know that if you recruit and manage your people well, they’ll be more engaged, more productive and less likely to leave your organization.

But recent research by Korn Ferry also shows that organizations that apply effective talent management strategies are more profitable than ones that don’t. So taking the right approach to talent really does matter.

The trouble is that it can be hard to apply these strategies when your organization is complex, the market is competitive and your time is tight.

The Korn Ferry Assessment Solution can help. It brings the best of our experience, knowledge and data into one place to address your core talent challenges:

  • Acquisition: How to recruit the right person for the role, every time.
  • Management: How to develop, manage and retain high-performing people.

Our Assessment Solution has three key parts:

  • Best-in-class success profiles : So you know what good looks like for each role.
  • Tailored assessments: To help you identify and manage people who fit that profile.
  • Consolidated reports: Giving you the full picture for each role as well as of talent across your organization.


We offer a broad range of objective and engaging psychometric assessments that allow you to assess everything from cognitive ability and competencies to traits and learning agility. And because we always start with a best-in-class success profile for the role you want to fill, you’ll only assess the things that really matter. Which will save you time, as well as give you more valid and relevant results.

But behind our success profiles sits our secret weapon: everything we’ve learnt and researched over the years about what makes people perform well at work.

Now, and for the first time, you can view, adapt and use the information in this Content Library as if it’s your own.

For example, we have a world-leading dictionary of competencies. If you want to add a couple, and change another slightly to reflect your organization, you can adjust it in the version we’ve licensed to you. And all the other Korn Ferry resources you use, such as success profiles, job descriptions and assessment results, will automatically update, too. So you’ll have content that’s 100% tailored to you.